The factory NSX can do the ring in 8:38. That's the regular NSX, not the zero or Type S or R. As much as I love the NSX, I'd bet the current GT500 could beat that time without needing the extra horsepower. For some reason there aren't a lot of ring times for Mustangs... » 4/09/11 5:03am 4/09/11 5:03am

I think you got part-time and full-time four wheel drive mixed up. Pickup trucks have part-time four wheel drive, meaning the mode is manually selectable by the transfer case, giving you either 2 or 4wd with a fixed 50/50 torque distribution. AWD systems are full-time and involve a differential rather than a transfer… » 3/28/11 9:43pm 3/28/11 9:43pm

They're the not the same requirements; the EPA has different guidelines for each. Motorcycle emissions were tightened for new bikes in 2006 and again in 2010. Even modern 4-stroke bikes with EFI and catalytic convertors still produce more nitroxides per mile than passenger cars. Those systems aren't as effective on… » 3/23/11 10:55pm 3/23/11 10:55pm

It's not the out of touch; I'm sure they sell. I worked at an old folks home in Arizona that had 5 or 6 cars with landau or fake convertible tops. One Cadillac, many Buicks, and even a Toyota Avalon. There were only like 40-50 resident cars, so more than one in ten of these particular folks not only liked vinyl roofs… » 3/21/11 7:43am 3/21/11 7:43am

A tip with Macintalk: Each period you add creates another pause. So three periods in sequence ... is a long pause. You can use them to fix those words that get squished together. Dunno about other text to speech. » 6/01/10 8:58pm 6/01/10 8:58pm

@VMA1T: I've seen two of these, one nice one in Great Falls MT, and another decrepit street-parked one in Missoula that obviously didn't ever move. I though they were both custom! » 5/27/10 11:20am 5/27/10 11:20am

The Beetle. 17, Senior year at high school, sold the Olds Cutlass inherited from Grandmother to fund stupid dream to own air-cooled VW. Extra money put away for college. Young, impressionable, read the Idiot Book, decided to take responsibility for my car and work on it myself. I was certain modern cars were… » 4/02/10 12:44am 4/02/10 12:44am

@anthromt: They have great traction and change direction easily. Look to the Porsche 959 and every Baja Buggy for inspiration. What scares me, from the armchair, is the 400hp mid-engined short wheelbase group B cars like the RS200 and Metro 6R4. » 4/02/10 12:10am 4/02/10 12:10am

This car in Gran Turismo 4 is my total champ at the Driving Course road circuit, the twisty short one. It's heavily modified with weird suspension settings, making it faster around that course than a stock Viper GTS. » 3/05/10 6:26pm 3/05/10 6:26pm

Doesn't seem like many of you have played GTR or the other games from Slightly Mad. They're really competent and realistic and have everything you'd ever want in a racing game except game design and polish. As a simulator they're awesome and in many instances the physics model is better than GT. No menu jazz or… » 3/09/09 2:13am 3/09/09 2:13am